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Why Choose Advanced Practice?
Why choose Our Online Joint & Trigger Point Injection Course over a Live course?

We have presented this course to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants from across the US and feel our course is superior to other live courses:

  1. Why Choose Advanced Practice?More hands on practice- which we know really helps us learn "the feel" of doing these injections.Our models are all anatomically correct: bones, ligaments, tendons, etc.. with sensors that provide an audible tone when needle tip is in correct location- providing a better learning environment than on cadaver models.
  2. Hands on model practice time with our course 2 days* vs minutes at some live workshops-if any time at all
  3. Convenience after registering for the course- receive a 30 day window to view the course as many times as you wish- when & where its right for you
  4. Multiple providers can attend our course without closing the office & share the models- Learn as an individual or part of a team
  5. Cost: no travel expenses or using YOUR vacation time to attend a conference

*Please read rental agreement for more info (PDF).


Why Choose Advanced Practice?Our company focus is to provide the best hands on medical procedure continuing education courses in the world. We offer incredible anatomical medical illustrations and all injection demonstrations are filmed in crystal clear quality- only limited by the resolution of your monitor!


This Online Joint & Trigger Point Injection course is a fantastic learning opportunity for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants & Physicians wanting to learn injection techniques that can help their patients, improve autonomy & marketability while increasing revenue for the practice. This medical procedure course is an independent endeavor as we have declined & will never accept pharmaceutical grants or sponsorships.

Contact me anytime with questions.

All the best,
Andy Austin
Andy Austin FNP-C, FAAPM
Course Presenter & CEO

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