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Sensor & Skin Models
Want the Best Learning Experience? Use the Best Materials.

Advanced Practice Education Services uses the finest medical training models in the world. We work with the leaders in synthetic medical simulation to design cutting edge models specifically for our courses. 

Shoulder Model Knee Extended Model Knee Flexed Model Bavk Model Elbow Model

All joint and trigger point injection models are complete with palpable anatomical landmarks and internal sensor technology that provides an audio feedback when needle tip is in correct location. This is a superior way of learning compared to cadaver labs.


Synthetic Skin Model Synthetic Skin Model - procedure Abscess Model Abscess Model Finger Model Finger Model Finger Model Finger Model Finger Model

Mastering in office procedures is about learning “the feel” of each technique. Combining our Online or Live Procedure Seminars with the most realistic synthetic models in the world you can safely and confidently learn these procedures.

Pain Pump Model Pain Pump Model Pain Pump Model

Joint and Trigger Point Injection Courses
I & D Simple Abscess and Paronychia Course

Grand Rapids, MI Injection Course
Date: 8/17/2024